Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sorry it's been a while...

~My oldest won his school spelling bee! He's a 4th grader, and he won against 4th, 5th and 6th graders and will represent his school in the city-wide bee, whenever that is. Very proud!
~If Steph can blog about SNL, then I have to, too. Here was my favorite part from a better-than-average show last night. Can't get the video display, gotta just link it.
~Oh yeah, we're getting a new president this week. That's some big friggin news!! I am so very excited, pleased, proud, amazed that we will be swearing in a (almost) black president. Times have changed and this clearly is a new generation coming into power. I JUST WISH IT WASN'T BARACK OBAMA!!!! Why couldn't Colin Powell have run this time? There are so many more wonderful, God-fearin, Jesus-lovin black people of political power out there that I would've rather seen win this election. But still, day after we celebrate "Martin Luther King Jr./Robert E Lee Day" we will see an historic event in so many accounts. I'm sure I'll even cry some...doesn't take much!
~Indoor soccer at church is going well. Much better setting for my boys to play in. The Y was WAY too competitive, kids insulting eachother on the field, bad, unsportsmanlike conduct, etc. They're having fun and getting better playing at church. I started running a little concessions area on the side with some youth helpers, and I think that will turn out to be fun to get to know some of the youth, too.
~Got an examination for State job coming up on Saturday to possibly work at the Probate office... looking forward to that opportunity.
~My Father in law is on a mission trip in Costa Rica for the next twelve days... I had a ticket to go too. Back in October when I signed up, we were assuming Tony would be working, and things would be in order, but that hasn't happened, so I have to believe it's just not in God's timing for me to go right now. Maybe next time.
It's been so long, I almost forgot how to put in a link!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I guess I got all excited about nothin'... they never called me this weekend for an interview on Tuesday. I called them, and they said they weren't doing it. So, I don't know, maybe it could still happen, but for now, I'm trying to just "bloom where planted". We'll see how that works.
Merry Christmas to everyone. If you're in Montgomery, tune in to 101.5 or 97.5 the River, a new christian radio station. They play lots of good music. Check it out!
God Bless Y'all!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

God is so good

You know, he really works in ways you don't expect. I've been praying about a new job for the past 2 or 3 weeks, ever since I saw a listing for Store Manager position at Pier 1. Years ago, I worked there. I took the Sales Manager position, which was basically a manager-in-training then 2 months later, I got pregnant with Jonathan, so I worked there until the week before he was born. I thought that part of my work history was closed, until I saw that listing. So I applied for the Store Manager position, and talked to the asst manager about it. The Montgomery store does not have a manager at all right now. The Auburn manager is interviewing and hiring. A few days went by, so I called to talk with the Auburn manager since I hadn't heard from her yet. I've been so concentrated on the store manager position, but praying for it to happen 'if it's God's will for me'. One reason I've been sort of hesitant about the whole thing is because I know it would be more than 40 hours a week of work. I'm willing to do that right now because my husband still has not been able to get anything going, and my Chappy's money is not even close to enough to make it by on. I'm extremely blessed to have a Mom, Grandma & mother-in-law that have helped us get by. Anyway, when I talked to the Auburn manager, she told me that they would only consider someone with previous retail management experience, but that they have a part-time asst manager position open that I should be able to interview for next Tuesday. I've been thinking all night about how much better that would work out for me. I wouldn't have to leave Chappy's totally, and when I get back in the groove of things at Pier 1 and something else opens up, I'll be more ready. I just love it how when you stare at one door for a while, God opens up a window that'll get you to the same place in a better way. He's awesome!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Alabama History

Here's a video (mostly of the back of his head) of Anthony square dancing at the PTA meeting tonight... so cute! And yet possibly could be used for blackmailing or embarassing purposes later!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Buddy Mo!

Today, October 1st, our dog Buddy is 1 year old! We sang Happy Birthday to him after dinner. He didn't care. But he liked his doggie biscuit afterwards.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Who, me?

Did I get tagged by Stacy? If so, what does that mean?
Does it just mean I have to mention 6 things about me you may not know? Then pick some more? Ok, here goes:

1~My firstborn son weighed 10 lbs 1 oz at birth, and yes, I had him without the help of a c-section. (He did break his collar-bone coming out, though.)

2~I've been to Equador before on a mission trip. Summer of '98, and I'm scheduled to go to Costa Rica on a mission trip in January. (Oh yeah, I've GOT to renew my passport!!)

3~I actually wasn't ALWAYS an Alabama fan. My parents moved here from California, so when I got around other kids in kindergarten, they would always ask me, "Do you go for Auburn or Alabama?" and I didn't know what the HECK they were talking about. So, I asked my Mom, and she said Auburn. I asked my Dad, and he said Alabama. So, for a few years I claimed Auburn, but then when I got older, 9th or 10th grade, I decided for myself and I chose Alabama. Hm, is it coincidence that was the year of their last national championship?

4~I was at a Benny Hinn crusade when I made my decision to follow Christ. It was actually a few months after I went on my mission trip. Kinda backwards, I guess, but you know, the Lord works in mysterious ways. I always went to church as a kid, but I didn't know anything about a RELATIONSHIP with Christ, just a bunch of religious activities. So after talking to Tony a lot about it for several months, I was ready (and by preparing and prompting of the Holy Spirit) when I was asked that question, "If you died tonight, are you certain you'd be in heaven with God?" I thought my answer was no, so I went down to pray and accept Christ into my heart right then. My life has never been the same since.

5~My husband and I went to the same Elementary school and High school, and he was only a grade ahead of me AND I cheerleaded? for the football team he played for at the Y, and we never met until the year after I graduated. We've grown up around so many of the same people, but we never knew eachother. Cool, huh?

6~I'm not as nice to my kids as everybody thinks I am. It really bothers me when people tell me I'm such a great mom, because I don't think it's true. I know deep down I should handle some situations differently, with more patience and understanding, speaking to my kids in a way that teaches them to think, instead of down-grading their ideas, or crushing their imaginations. I wish I treated them the same at home as I do when other people are around...I don't know why that's hard for me to do. Sorry to turn this into confessional time, but that's definitely something you didn't know about me, that maybe if you did, I would change it!!

I tag Crystal and Stephanie!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


My computer is clean!!
It works again! I'm catching up on a months' worth of emails, setting all my passwords in again...whew!
Alabama football is lookin so good, so far! Even though it's been just one game, tonights is PPV only, they look like a whole new team!! It's so exciting to see them seize their potential, and play as good as you know they can!
I lurve Sarah Palin. She is exactly what he needed. He's like, the most left you can be and still be a republican, so he really needed a great conservative like her, but the fact that she's a woman is just enough to be news, exciting, fresh & different. The thing I worry about the most is that Obama has the charisma to bring a whole lot of people to the polls, who, for the most part, have always thought, "Hm, I can vote for this crusty old white guy, or this crusty old white guy..." Now that those kind of voters see a different option, I'm afraid they won't care about the fact that he's FOR partial-birth abortions, stem cell research, and supporting civil unions. They just want CHANGE, that's all they care about. I'm so glad I'm cushioned in the South by the bible belt, I still believe McCain has a shot.

More to come later... I'm just glad to be back.